About Me (And This Blog)

Grad student by day, infosec researcher by night. I spend most of my  time playing with whatever shiny new technology has most recently caught my eye, which tends to keep me pretty constantly occupied. This blog exists as a way for me to organize the rather random projects I find work on from day to day, as well as interesting things I find along the way. Most of it is security related, but I still post on other things from time to time when I feel the need. I hope it's also useful to other people out there interested in similar things, and definitely welcome any and all feedback.

If you really want to read every inane thing I have ever decided to think, you can follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/_supernothing.

If you need a more useful way to contact me, hit me up at supernothing 4T spareclockcycles D0T org, either by email or Google chat. You can also find me on Freenode from time to time as supernothing. I should get back to you pretty quickly.

"Earthlings went on being friendly, when they should have been thinking instead. And even when they built computers to do some thinking for them, they designed them not so much for wisdom as for friendliness. So they were doomed." --Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions

Written by admin in Articles on Sat 06 December 2008.

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