Updated Reverse DNS Tool

A few posts ago I released some rather simplistic code to do reverse DNS lookups. While useful, many improvements could obviously be made. The lookup speeds were pretty dismal (15-25 lookups a second), stemming from my poor handling of timeouts and the fact that I had lazily ignored multithreading because I wanted to get something working fast. In addition, the code was just a giant blob thrown together into a Python file, which probably made a few peoples' eyes bleed.

Because of these issues, I took the time today to rework the code so that everything is *much* cleaner now (everything broken nicely into classes and such), and is, in addition, fully multithreaded. To do the threading, I adapted a basic thread pooling class shamelessly taken off the interwebs to use Python generators for speed and RAM considerations, and to allow for thread callbacks to be synchronized. As a result, with 35 threads in the thread pool, I am now getting about 400-600 DNS lookups / second. Not bad for 45 minutes of work :P . You can grab the new code here.

Written by admin in Pen Testing, Technology on Sun 25 April 2010. Tags: dns, dnspython, hacking, Pen Testing, reverse dns,

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