Transmission Complete.

If you're reading this, the site move should now be complete. In addition to the move, I've also taken the opportunity to upgrade to a newer, more flexible theme, which I will be working on in the next few weeks. To help offset the costs for hosting and DNS registrations, I also decided to introduce some ads. Hopefully they will not be too obtrusive, and if they are, well, donate some money so I can get by without them :P . I still have some tweaks that I will be making to the site over the next couple weeks, so please bear with me if anything breaks (and please let me know if it does: supernothing AT wordpress DOT org.) Hopefully this site has some great days ahead of it, and I look forward to making it into a great resource for those wishing to learn and discuss any and all things related to information security, programming, hacking, and technology.

Also: Thanks again to duststorm for all his help and generosity with the hosting!

Written by admin in Site News on Tue 27 April 2010. Tags: ads, beginnings, Site News,

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