RevDNS 0.30 Release

Hey all,

Today I posted RevDNS v0.30, an update to the multi-threaded Python script based on dnspython that I wrote for quickly doing reverse DNS scans of IP blocks. Version 0.30 adds some new features, and fixes a few bugs.

New Features

  • Improved threading system, based on the use of a lockable iterator. (translation: faster lookups)
  • Specify target DNS server(s).
  • Specify arbitrary DNS settings via custom resolv.conf file (*nix only)
  • Set number of retries on timeout error. Setting this greatly reduces the number of missed hosts.
  • Select TCP or UDP as the DNS transport protocol.
  • Now handles rare but valid instances where IP address has multiple PTR records.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Python xrange function, which would crash the program in certain circumstances.
  • Related to the above, added support for OSX. Thanks to Justin Morehouse for the bug report.
  • Fixed problem with regex not matching certain addresses during IP verification.

As always, feel free to submit bug reports and feature requests if you have any issues whatsoever. Patches are also greatly appreciated.

UPDATE 08/22/2010: All, it appears I linked to some testing code rather than the final revision. The link has been fixed, sorry about the mix-up.

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