d0z.me Taken Down

This was not what was supposed to get posted this week, but sadly, this is what my time got spent on. From the d0z.me main page:

Hey all, Dreamhost informed me today that they received complaints regarding d0z.me, which was not wholly unexpected. I would certainly have appreciated it if the complaints had been forwarded to me, so that I could take appropriate action; however, this did not occur. Dreamhost also proceeded to notify me that d0z.me, as-is, violates their terms of service. Unless I was willing to "ensure that (my) site can't be used to actually DoS anyone", I was told that I needed to remove the offending content altogether or risk having the account shut down permanently. While I do appreciate them contacting me before completely disabling my account, I still think that this stance is unwarranted.

d0z.me was never intended to be used as an attack tool. Rather, it was meant as a proof-of-concept that served to both illustrate the dangers posed by URL shorteners and HTML5, as well as to give concerned parties an easy way to test detection/mitigation techniques for the attack. I have quickly and consistently responded to all abuse requests I received, and ensured that offending links were removed. Of course, this could not prevent all abuse, and some certainly occurred. However, I still believe that d0z.me was and is simply a tool, one that could be used for positive ends or malicious ones, and should not be banned simply because it can be misused.

Given the situation, I have decided to temporarily take down the site while I search for a host that is more willing to stand up for its customers. As such, don't expect it to reliably be up over the next few days. I don't believe that any kind of artificial limitation on d0z.me's abilities will help prevent these kinds of attacks; rather, they will encourage small, lesser known sites to join the fray, making for a nearly impossible game of whack-a-d0z.me that would put users at more risk. While of course this will most likely happen with the site down as well, I at least will not have to waste my time crippling my code just for that to occur.

If you or someone you know would be willing to host d0z.me permanently, please let me know at supernothing 4T spareclockcycles D0T org. Feel free to grab the code here and start your own version of d0z.me as well, and help demonstrate the futility of censoring this site. Whether or not I find a new host, I will continue making updates to the d0z.me code, which will be posted on my blog. I am currently sidetracked a bit by this issue, but I have been working on definite improvements that I will be releasing soon.

Ben Schmidt (supernothing)

EDIT: After looking through some hosting providers, I have temporarily moved d0z.me to nearlyfreespeech.net (thanks to piecritic for pointing it out). Hopefully they live up to their namesake and let it be. We'll see how things go there, and I will move again if necessary. If you can't get to it yet, it's because the DNS entries are still propagating.

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