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Google Analytics XSS Vulnerability

Written by admin in Google, Vulnerabilities on Thu 03 February 2011. Tags: google analytics, google reward program, vulnerability, xss,

This post documents an XSS vulnerability I discovered in the event tracking functionality provided by Google Analytics. Given a website's Google account number (which can be found in the site source), one could spoof specially crafted events that, when clicked in the administrative interface, would run arbitrary Javascript in ...

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Shibboleth Example Login Page: POST Location Hijacking Vulnerability

Written by admin in Code, Vulnerabilities on Thu 09 December 2010. Tags: implementation fail, phishing, post hijacking, shibboleth, xss,

EDIT: This flaw, according to the lead Shibboleth developer, was discovered and patched in late 2008. It seems that a number of universities are still running outdated copies of the software, which is what I found in my research. If you are running the latest version of Shibboleth (2.2 ...

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